Tuesday 4th August 2020

Webservers Steam guard disabling step fails 100% of the time

From 14:46 CET to 16:10 there was an issue where account generation would fail at the steam guard/game adding/patreon step 100% of the time. We are currently monitoring if the fix works as intended.

14:46 CET: The issue was discovered by grafana and the developers were alerted
14:59 CET: A developer has taken notice of the issue but was unable to resolve it
15:55 CET: Another developer has taken notice of the issue
15:59 CET: The broken instances were shut down and temporarily replaced with a working instance
16:00 CET: Grafana alert is resolved
16:10 CET: Fixed instances are deployed and the temporary instance is shut down
16:51 CET: Issue marked as resolved.